Through our personal commitment to the process of growth and change, each one of us has the power not only to transform our own life, but to contribute tremendously to the transformation of life on our planet
— S. Gwain

Over the past 19 years We have been so blessed to serve a diverse community of patients from around the world through Network Chiropractic Care.  

We have sponsored all walks of life and spectrums of health and healing where family and friends have continually reached out to us to see if we can help those they love who are in need.  

The diversity of patient needs are too broad to mention.  However, we have served many patients over the years who have been diagnosed with cancer, healing from cancer, living well with cancer and some who have passed away with a high level of well-being and renewed sense of wholeness through their healing journey.

We have supported many patients pre and post surgery, post accidents and going through rehab, to patients with spinal cord injuries to patient seeking to heal from auto immune diseases.

 We have been blessed to care for many pregnant women at different stages of their pregnancy all with different needs (pre/post-natal). We have attended many births all of them beautiful with different needs... from home births, Hospital births, c-sections from birthing rooms to babies in the NICU we have been able to provide the highest level of Network Chiropractic Care. We have been able to help turn breeched babies being born naturally.  Couples who were told that they were not able to conceive and were blessed with new life of a healthy pregnancy, birth and beautiful baby. We have supported many couples who pursued care in our office while grieving the loss of a baby and provide a healing space for them to grieve well with an outcome of renewed sprits of the healing of a family to be open to try again while keeping their hearts open to the possibility of a new life from a new place within. Some of these families welcomed one to two more healthy babies into their lives.  

We have sponsored the healing and bonding of a new families where they prepared fro the arrival of a new addition of one to two babies/children, to adopted siblings where they had been separated for years.

We have supported and provided Network Chiropractic Care to a local elementary school of 25+ children for a year and watch them heal (The K - 5th grade students were Children with behavioral/emotional issues, poor grades, missed school, because sickness, because these little bodies and their nervous systems were overloaded with the amounts stresses imposed daily from their lives and living environment/family disfunction etc.), We have participated in a service project with C.A.R.E.s assisting a group of individuals in recovery from addiction/mental illness. We have help an individual go from living homeless into transitional housing to salvation army from no job employment to holding down 1, 2, 3 jobs one of them a night shift... getting back on their feet to now living on their own working one stable job.

When we say WE... it really has been a we adventure into a greater depth of what it means to Give|Love|Serve.  

Many of our patients have partnered with us on many of these service projects right here in our SB backyard.

Many of our patient are living examples of the expression Give|Love|Serve where they have anonymously sponsored patients in need through gifting partial or full financial scholarships to individuals and families because they were wanting those in need to be able receive the healing care they needed. Through these generous offerings and random act of kindness many patient were able to heal... because they themselves wanted someone else to receive the benefits they have received through network care. 

Many of our patients have volunteered resources of time, money, and energy to serve our community in a little way that has made a huge difference in the lives we have been able to help... bringing Network Chiropractic Care into the lives of so many over the last 19 years that we have been able to help.

If you are interested in anonymously finically sponsoring Network Chiropractic Care in our office for another person in need or have a service project you are creating. Please reach out and contact us... we would love to see what we can create together.


The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.
— Tuesday with Morrie