The universe will continue to rearrange itself
to align with your present perception of reality
— dr. schuyler


ill-being | well-being

It's a state of being we navigate and modulate our life by. It's not just our philosophy that drives us. It's our physiological expression being realized by our genetic potential.  The PENDULUM can swing between these polar opposite realities; one focused on growth, healing, inspiration and contribution, while the other extreme, focused on stressful life interactions, just trying to get through each moment and survive your experience. Where your life's goal now becomes all about defending your place on the map. 

|Seasons of Well-Being|

As we journey through life we pass through manY different sacred milestones...                 

We at Rilascio Chiropractic acknowledges that there are four distinct rhythms or Seasons of Well Being that share in this same sacredness as it applies to our lives and our healing journey.  Each of these seasons we pass through brings with them an array of gifts, opportunities and experiences for us to grow, embody and draw wisdom from, with the potential of enhancing and enriching our life along the way.

The Network Care you will receive from Rilascio Chiropractic will provide you with new strategies to reorganize your life, health and well-being into a new sphere of wellness and fulfillment as you begin to optimized your life’s experiences.

Network Care is a part of a revolutionary model of wellness care called Reorganizational Healing and Living (ROH/ROL).  ROH/ROL  offers us a new perspective and relationship to explore our bodies, our energetic, emotional, and mental states; setting the stage for us to discover new embodied realms of spirit and our overall connectivity as a culture through our physiology. 

 ROH/ROL  provides you with innovative ways into understanding and drawing new meanings from your symptoms, crisis, life-stressors or for some their state of disease and illness with renewed empowerment as a catalyst for transformation, break-through, and change fueled by sustainable actions towards creating a more fulfilling and resilient life.  

Instead of trying to fix, restore, or repair a persons present state of overall health back to the life they had been living prior to the inconvenience of the onset or unexpected arrival of a symptom, disease or crisis.  This is the most common objective of medicine and alternative Restorative Therapeutics

 ROH/ROL  seeks to assist people in becoming more resourceful and adaptable in their bodies and their lives on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  This is true for even the subtlest of levels of our biology as well: bio-energetic (aka: life force, chi, prana), biochemical to our genetic expression.

Through  ROH/ROL  you will learn and embody new ways or wellness strategies to meet life with greater access to your resources with new capacities to grow and evolve into the life and wellness you are here to live. 

Whether it is an unknown stressful situation that has caught you by surprise or a known situation, event or circumstance you were able to plan for... either way you will be able to optimize your experience. 

You will learn to draw upon new emotional resources to create the sustainable change you are seeking in your health, wellness and even into your relationships. 

You will discover how your thoughts, beliefs and perceptions, your behaviors, rituals, routines and structures you have set up through life’s daily conditioning or notice the one’s that you have out grown, which can either inhibit or enhance one’s healing progress and process.

Your personal ability to reorganize, adapt and become more resourceful in these changing times on the planet is and will be a valuable asset to thriving beyond survival (unfortunately it is all to common that most people’s functional baseline has been wired to just getting through and putting out the fires from the day or trying to run from the flames and aftermath of their past... spending an immense amount of resources bouncing from one crisis to the next.) 

Our Clientele arrives out of their busy lives with hopes of connecting to themselves, releasing stress and tension, worries and concerns, transforming their bodies, their health and their well-being and most of all their lives as they awaken and expand into living a soul filled life.  

Rilascio Chiropractic provides a sanctuary for the arrival of many on their own personal modern pilgrimage in their pursuit and return to wholeness and for some it has become their own Haven for Change and Reorganization.

The term Season is used as a metaphor to represent each stage of healing. Season is perfect since it captures the timing that is essential for true healing. When something is “In season,” it is ready, ripe, and its’ time has arrived. 

The conditions, activities, and attributes the season brings are central to the readiness or appropriateness of season-specific characteristics. For the human experience, each season creates and supports different opportunities, actions, and experiences.

The season exerts influence on individual and group activities. It affects everything from work to recreation, commerce to motion, decisions to all sorts of actions. In human terms this season includes a range of influences, which supports or enhances particular ways of being, thinking, feeling, acting, relating, and healing.

To distinguish the profound nature of healing that occurs when the season is right. Dr. Donald Epstein, (developer of Network Care and the ROH/ROL model) termed these as "The Four Seasons of Well Being.”  Every aspect of the human experience is influenced by these sacred seasons. Understanding and "living in season" supports a more effortless and productive life experience.  As with other types of seasons, "living out of season" leads to disappointment, pain and struggle. 

You would not expect to plant a seed in the winter and harvest in the springtime. One would expect to swim in the summer, and ski in the winter. In springtime people are hopeful and waking up from winter, autumn is the time to plan and prepare for the winter. Timing, or knowing what season you are in, and knowing what influences that season brings, are essential to a fulfilled life.

Network Care stages of healing can be grouped into the seasons of DiscoverTransform and Awaken. The fourth Season of Well Being is Integrate, which involves a conscious integration of elements of the other three seasons.

The four seasons influence your state of consciousness in every aspect of your life: thoughts, actions, prayers, and decisions, your level of courage and confidence, focus, poor direction, action, relationships, healing, levels of acceptance, gratitude, compassion, love and effort.

As we move through these Four Seasons of Well Being, each season provides us with new reference points as we embrace and navigate through personal and global changes with the readiness, efficiency, effectiveness and ability to appropriately respond to life’s whispers, cues or demands without having to be on guard, defending or over reacting to where life may be asking us to put a little more attention as we raise our wellness quotient.  

The seasons are not always sequential. They represent moments or periods in our lives as we pass through into greater depths of wellness. 

As a higher functional baseline of reorganization emerge in a person’s life it becomes more effortless to live in certain seasons. As we learn to embody the gifts each season brings with it we gain new insights and hope to revitalize rejuvenate and reorganize our lives consciously altogether.

These seasons appear to be universal in human experience as each encourages or influences unique perceptions, actions, thoughts, experiences, and energies.                          

Instead of being meaningless, people’s problems become diseases of meaning, enabling people to see that things are not necessarily ‘‘going wrong’’ but are, in fact, helping them become stronger, to live more fully and with more understanding.
— Jobst, Shostak, and Whitehouse

The seasons add timing to the self-assessment. This timing is distinct from other approaches to behavior change, or any Restorative Therapeutic approaches. The influence of each season affects the type of intelligence one uses, the way a person goes about daily activities, and the resources available to that person.  

Each season represents the way a person receives and influences his/her environment and how this environment influences the person.  Within each corresponding season, aspects of daily life are either encouraged, rendered difficult or impossible. 

Healing is the outward manifestation of our inner journey of discovery
— Dr. Donald Epstein

The first three seasons, Discover, Transform, and Awaken, represent stages individuals cycle through during different phases of their life.  The fourth season, Integrate, provides the ability to know and consciously choose the combination of seasons called for in various circumstances or life changes, and represents a high level of organizational integrity and communication across aspects of the individual’s life.


|Season of Discover|


|Season of Transform|

Transform is about transforming one’s relationships and one’s world through focused attention and action. 

Transform is about fully associating with what may seems like a source of pain as a source of opportunity. 

|Season of Awaken| 

Awaken is about the experience of effortless being and knowing. 

|Season of Integrate|

The season of Integrate happens when a person revisits a previous season while maintaining the perspectives from a subsequent season