Are you healthier this year than you were last year?
Where are you now on your map compared to where of where you want to be?
— dr schuyler


|People We See|

We are blessed to encounter and partner with people at pivotal points in their lives. Where they are so ready to produce fundamental change. 

Daily we are hearing from People realizing they have arrived at a crossroads in their lives and where there is an undeniable sense of urgency welling up from within them.

They are realizing Who they have been in their life, relationships, careers, health and in the world is not in Alignment, not congruent or on some levels they are living in contradiction with who they truly are at the core… Ouch!  

They just know Life is Calling out to them… where they can sense their future self is demanding them to be more than “who they have been” and to live into a soul driven - grace filled life and honestly they are not sure what that might look like…  

Yet, there is this core hunger and unquenchable thirst.  They desire to be of contribution in a positive influential way to humanity and in many ways life is screaming loudly for them to pay attention, to get real first with themselves, “a reality check” stopping them from what they're doing and have been doing, knowing undeniably that something has to change... “I can’t go on living like this.”

We intervene at the exact spot that interfaces with how you experience your body and how you experience your life/world through your neural-spinal system.  

"There is nothing you need to do, be or resolve there is only a temporary suspension of your body being locked in a state of stress physiology being played out through your nervous system."  

Daily we are assisting people to be able to experience a greater level of wholeness as it applies to health and healing, well-being and their overall humanity as their nervous system heals, body reorganizes where life becomes fulfilling and purposeful. 

|Common Statements We Hear|

”I seemed to have out lived my ability to adapt, change with life, and it’s driving pace trying to evolve into the demands of this modern technological world and I’m only 40 years old,” It use to be funny that My computer is upgrading at a faster rate than I am… Now, it’s not a joke any more… what’s the deal?

“I’m so overwhelmed and over stimulated by the avalanche of information that permeates my existence daily from the media to web pollution, from cell phones: texts messages, emails, twitter, blogs...) TV, radio waves and the emotions of other people… I feel like a raw nerve and I’m being assaulted everywhere I go, I’m not even comfortable in my own home, not to mention my body.” 

“Ok, here’s the bottom line:  “I’m a Stress-aterian,” I said It!  I’ve set up my whole life and trained hard to become an elitist in my field… I’ve achieved it. I’ve got the degrees, the cars, the house, the wife and 3 kids, the dog, the hamster the gold fish and the 401k.  I use to love living on the edge and the rush this would bring… I can’t believe I’m saying this; the truth is I can’t keep this pace up no matter how many double mocha macchiato or red bull energy drink I throw back. I’m defiantly in a full throttle tailspin; no I’m a train wreck. I know I must change… but, I don’t know how, just thinking about change…. stresses me out even more, truly… am I making any sense to you cause at this point I can’t even follow myself… I don’t know who I am anymore and the sad truth is I don’t know if I’ve ever known…” 

“Ok… I over react, I don’t trust, I’m skeptical about everything and everyone and I don’t know why, but I find myself irritated, angry and frustrated about the littlest of thing or I’m in a constant energy crisis!  I’m so exhausted at the beginning and the end of my day – I don’t have the energy to do all the things I would love to do or I’m so depressed I barely can get through the day, what’s the point, really… I may sound like I don’t care but the truth is, I do and that’s what so painful.” 

I’m so tired and exhausted that I can’t even sleep… I think people are energetic vampires…really and they don’t just come out at night. 

I don’t know how to stop my mind, I can’t turn it off… it would be one thing if I was being paid overtime for all the work my committee is doing in my head, but I’m not.

There’s no other way to say this but I’m on drugs and a lot of them…remember those commercials saying this is your brain on drugs… well, I’m on a cocktail of 5 plus prescription drugs and the truth is they are not working I’m still depressed, anxious, in pain and confused, I can’t focus or sleep… I’m not sure if these are the effects of the drugs interacting with each other or the side effects of my irresponsibility for my life… either way I’m on drugs and want off of them… how can I be an example for my children if I’m not living a drug free life! “Really, this is not how to cope with life stresses, kids.” 

I’ve got to stop “Out–Sourcing My Soul!”

“My body is falling apart and it is limiting my spiritual practice.” 

"I don’t understand, Why am I not healthier this year than I was last year? My health seems to be declining…I eat right, I meditate, I exercise. It’s not my age, I know it!  what am I missing because I don’t feel well." 

"Look, my life is amazing I have a beautiful family a passionate relationship, I’m so grateful to share my souls work and contribution, I have financial freedom, I travel, I’m in outstanding health, I commune with spirit and nature daily… and I know there is more depth to this life experience." 

“I can’t seem to breakthrough these patterns that keeps showing up in my relationships... same jobs same issues its like i’m being stocked and i get that i’m the common denominator in all this drama.” 

“My husband and I are desiring a conscious conception, a wonderfully connected pregnancy, an ecstatic delivery – bonding and deliverance of our new family” 

What we are finding...

People are desiring more connectivity, depth and intimacy in their personal relationship (Spouse/Partner), People are raising there personal standards, striving towards a higher level of accountability, responsibility and integrity in business and personal life."

People have maxed out their resources and capacities to do more in less time Where a friend or family member has shown up as an ambassador bridging the gap for them to our office through love and reaches out by contacting us and sponsoring them into and even through care. 


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