|we believe|  

healthy individuals lead to healthy families, healthy families lead to healthy communities and healthy communities lead to a healthy world we can all be proud of.


We pride ourselves in being on the pulse wave to what drives wellness forward.  For over18 years Rilascio Chiropractic has been committed to shaping a new culture of resourcefulness to what it means to be a healthy human being living out a well lived life.  

Drs. Schuyler and Giovanna Du Bourdieu's own personal healing experiences over the years and their inner quest toward the pursuit of personal and professional mastery in their lives continues to add to Rilascio Chiropractic unique service.

Constantly evolving their craftsmanship of the philosophy, art and science of chiropractic. It's not just a passion for them, it's become an obsession towards providing the highest standard of cutting edge service possible when it comes to Network Chiropractic Care. 

For over 18 year they have been asking the same evolving question: how can we enhance the quality and quantity of an individuals life, health and wellness experience through Network Chiropractic Care.   

We Believe a pulse, a breathe, a touch can
ripple out and positively transform your world.

Be the Epicenter of your life | Be the Possibility
— dr. schuyler

We believe in the innovators, the creators, the influencers, the achievers, the one's shaping the edge towards the betterment of humanity, showing us a different way through our human experience.

We believe in the possibility of your dreams becoming a reality.

We believe in vibrant living and expanded well being through a healthy Nervous System

We believe you are deserving of the best life possible "it's coded in your genes, ignited through your spirit and expressed through your Nervous System" and we are committed to you bridging the life your living with the Best life you are here to live and fulfill. But most of all...

We Believe in You... you matter, count and make a difference!  

It's been said... 

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from right where they are and make a brand new ending. 

We are driven to create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, to learn more, love more and become more, while living out more meaningful, fulfilling and affluent lives.



What Does Rilascio Mean?

|an exquisite italian word for release|

  • release your stress and tension, pain and suffering, disease and illness, etc.

  • release your visions, hope, dreams, wellness and wellbeing, etc.

Everyday we are inspire by the healing wisdom of the human body. There is a potential within each of us that when accessed and released can fuel your dreams, promote your healing and enhance your life experience.
— dr. schuyler