A Shared Experience … an Invitation into Wholeness

Throughout our Lives we have many of opportunities to brighten the Lives of others: 
we may extend a gentle word of kindness, a loving touch, or a simple acknowledgement of achievement.  Just as you may have been inspired and empowered to explore Network care for yourself and your family, we invite You to express the gifts of wisdom, insight and health you have experienced and have drawn from, in your return to Wholeness. 

Suggestions for quality of life changes to include…

  • Timeline - My Life before Network Care…and My Life presently!
  • How did you hear about Rilascio Chiropractic?
  • What was your initial reason for starting Network Care?
  • What is different about you since beginning care?
  • How has your overall quality of life changed?
  • What would you share with someone who’s considering Network Care at Rilascio? 
  • My first Network Entrainment experience was…
  • My Present Level of care: I, II, III
  • Health Improvements: (Physical/ Emotional /Mental/ Decreased Medications/ Enhanced Immune System and Healing
  • Improved Performance: at school, in business or as an athlete/ weekend warrior/ American Idol 
  • Improved Concentration, Focus, Memory, and Energy levels, etc… 
  • Quality of sleep and renewal
  • Lifestyle shifts: increase in health promoting practices/ decrease in health distracting practices  
  • Improvements in Career: Satisfaction, Opportunities, and Achievements / Wellness in Business  
  • Quality of interpersonal relationships (Family/ friends/ business)
  • Intimacy: Love/ Passion and Romance
  • Pregnancy/ Birthing and postpartum experience- Self/ Baby/ Father/ Family
  • Relationship to stressful events, worries and concerns … 
  • Newly found Purpose, Vision and Mission
  • Overall Quality of Life Enjoyment and Fulfillment
  • Relaxation/ Personal time
  • Organizational/ Time / Personal space
  • Wellness Integration / Lifestyle Renovation
  • Other…reorganizations! 


Through our personal commitment to the process of growth and change,

 each one of us has the power not only to transform our own life, but also to contribute

tremendously to the transformation of life on our planet. -S. Gwain


Thank You for Sharing Your Rilascio Chiropractic Experience!


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In an effort to share the potential and possibilities through Network Care, I Authorize/ I Do Not Authorize  (Circle One), my Testimonial to be used for educational purposes through in-office and multi-media arenas.


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